Motion Sensor Lights – Why you should invest


Your home is where you are most comfortable but do you feel safe? Fear not! Motion sensor lights can fix the problem and a good deal more. Home security is a must and motion sensors have much to offer.

Key Areas to Install Home Security

Motion sensing lights are a common security practice to keep your home safe and protected. The Mr. Beams brand lights are wireless and easy to install. Here are some key areas for you to consider:

– The front, back and side doors so that exits and entrances are safe.
– Areas away from the main house such as the garage or shed.
– To deter intruders, install an outdoor spotlight near the far corners of your backyard or by first floor windows where the activated light can alert you to disturbances.

Signs You Need The Auto Shut Off Function

Motion sensing lights offer more than the important home security reasons. A key component in the light is the auto shut off feature which can conserve energy.

– If you’re a multi-tasker or just plain forgetful then this function is perfect for you. You no longer need to remember to turn off the lights!
– You have kids who refuse to go to bed and won’t turn off the lights.
– You love the convenience! Running late and you forgot your car keys? You can run in and out of your house without being slowed down.

Additional Benefits

Do you have a dark closet that makes it hard to put together a decent outfit or what about those nooks and crannies in your pantry that makes it so hard to locate your favorite snack? How about those late night restroom trips? There’s no need to stumble in the dark any longer with the Mr. Beams night light!

Not only a preventative measure to home intruders but also a preventive measure in emergencies. In the case of a power outage these battery operated lights can be a real life saver.

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