NEW: Smart Fans by Modern Forms – Updates
An exciting addition to 2019, Modern Forms has just released a new line of sophisticated smart fans. Like all Modern Forms products, these indoor and outdoor smart fans still carry the cutting edge technology with minimalist, timeless designs. In order to achieve fans to elevate everyday experiences, Modern Forms works to abandon past adornments and inefficiencies. Instead, Modern Forms chooses to work with smart technology.

What make these fans “smart” are the cloud-based controls over fan speed and luminaire through the Modern Forms app. These controls can be further integrated with smart home devices you may already own, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Echo for voice command and energy savings. For local control over the fan, each fan comes with an RF wall panel with the option of additional panels for 3- or 4- way control. In addition, all fans are built with highly efficient silent DC motors, aluminum hardware, and ABS blades for long lasting performance.

Needless to say, Modern Forms continues to push limits of what’s possible to guarantee luxury that is both adaptable and intelligent. By combining their technology and material choices with sleek designs, the Modern Form Smart Fans make an unrivaled debut. Here are just a few featured fans from their collection:


     The Vortex Fan makes an ultra-luxe modern statement with its sleek, sculptural design to any interior space. As for finish options, this fan comes in gloss black, gloss white, or a striking silver.

Hydra 96:

     As its name suggests, the Hydra 96″ fan is all about water. This fan is wet-rated and can sweep a massive amount of air without consuming much energy. It is available in a bronze or titanium silver finish, and features LED Luminaire powered by WAC technology with a Luminaire cap. LED Lumens: 2041.


     Named after the Greek “Isle of Winds”, Mykonos ensures to be timeless, perfect for transitional spaces with its streamlined look. Finish options include Weathered Gray/Graphite, Dark Walnut/Bronze, and Matte White. Integrated with LED Luminaire powered by WAC, Luminaire cap included. LED Lumens: 1110.


     Axis proves to be a versatile option with its minimalist design and wet-rated states and weather resistant finish. A perfect fit for medium-sized kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms, and even outdoor use as well. Choose between bronze, matte white, and titanium silver finishes to suit your desired look.  Comes with LED Luminaire with cap. LED Lumens: 1600.


Browse our selection of Modern Form smart ceiling fans here.  For further inquiries or assistance, please contact one of our Modern Forms lighting specialist.

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