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OneSpace Luminious Ceiling by Philips

OneSpace Luminious Ceiling by Philips

Philips Lighting once again brings revolutionary lighting to commercial spaces. Their ground-breaking Luminous Carpets illuminated the floor, now their OneSpace Luminous Ceiling brings an uncluttered minimalistic vision to public spaces by illuminating the ceiling.

Five reasons why OneSpace Luminous Ceilings may be perfect for your space!

  1. Sensory Enhancing

The luminous ceiling enhances perceptions of public spaces with use of bright, glare-free LED light that eliminates shadow; reducing disturbing sound reflections. This allows for people to perceive objects more clearly and in their true light.

  1. Superior Lighting Uniformity

OneSpace integrates LED with textiles, creating a large white light ceiling surface, keeping the source of the light completely hidden. The large textile emits uniform light allowing for enhanced daylight experience in a space.

  1. Design Flexibility

Through multiple mounting possibilities, the ceiling panels not only transform interiors into seamless cohesive spaces, they also become a customizable building block to creating one-of-kind designs in retail or any commercial environment.

  1. Top-Notch Safety

The panel exceeds industry safety standards for fire and mounting. The mounting system on OneSpace has a safety factor of over five times higher than the weight of the panel. It is also made of incombustible glass fiber and aluminum.

  1. Simply Smarter

To simply put it, OneSpace is easy to install and maintain. It integrates well into any building management system, and is designed for easy access for servicing.

To learn more about Philips OneSpace Luminous Ceiling, click here.

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