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Pro-Series LED Under Cabinet Lighting from Juno Lighting

Pro-Series LED Under Cabinet Lighting from Juno Lighting

Sleek, slim LED under cabinet lighting

The Pro-Series LED from Juno Lighting is a slim and dimmable problem-free task light. The easy to install, high quality, and high performance under cabinet light is applicable in any residential and commercial environment. Available in a variety of lengths and four finishes, the fixture complements any décor.


Brushed Bronze
Brushed Silver
Designer White


Width:    5”
Height: 1”
Lengths: 9”   14”   22”   30”


The fixture has a 1-inch extrusion to help dissipate the heat. By doing so, the lamp life is maximized, and the projected heat is minimized.

Comparable to halogen under cabinet lighting, the Pro-Series LED emits similar color temperature and illumination while using only 1/6 of energy. With 50,000 hours of service life, the warm white 3000K fixture is dimmable with most incandescent low voltage wall box dimmers. The 22” and 30” length fixtures are also available with Passive Infrared (PIR) Occupancy Sensors with adjustable time delay that can be set from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

Energy Use Comparison – LED vs. Halogen

Length LED Halogen
9” 3.2 Watts 20 Watts
14” 5.6 Watts 40 Watts
22” 8.1 Watts 60 Watts
30” 10.1 Watts 80 Watts


The Pro-Series LED is easy to install

In 3 simple steps, under cabinet lighting can be installed and illuminate your counter top.



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