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Revisiting Ceiling Fans

Revisiting Ceiling Fans

Preparing for the warm spring breeze and hot summer air? Thought about installing a ceiling fan to a room in your home, but not sure what size is right for your space, or how low you should have the fan hanging from the ceiling? Take a look at our How To Choose the Right Ceiling Fan Guide. Also take a look at this great how to video by Kichler on choosing the right size ceiling fan for your space.

We’ve also decided to elaborate a little more on this topic to provide you with even greater tips on why investing in a ceiling fan is the best option for you and your family!

Cool Summers, Warm Winters

Pair your ceiling fan with the use of air conditioning during hot seasons to circulate the cold air throughout the room. Remember, ceiling fans do not necessary cool a room down, the rotating blades create breeze by circulating the air in the space.

During cold seasons, flip the switch on the ceiling fan motor to change the direction of the rotation. By having the blades rotate clock-wise (instead of the usual counter-clockwise), warm air near the top of the room—heat rises!—will get pushed down into the room, keeping you nice and toasty!

Energy Savings!

By pairing the use of a ceiling fan with your heater, you can save both energy and money by recirculating warm air, allowing you to set the thermostat lower. Utilizing this tactic is especially useful for rooms or spaces with high ceilings.

Sloped ceiling? No problem.

If you have a sloped ceiling, keep in mind an adaptor is needed to accommodate for the angled surface. Adaptors are usually an option when you purchase your ceiling fan, but not all fans necessarily have a slope adaptor. An extra down rod may also be needed depending on the room height. **Keep in mind that all fans should hang no lower than 7 feet from the floor, and the blades should be least 24 inches from the wall or sloped ceiling.

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