Silenzio from Luceplan

Designed for acoustic comfort

The atmosphere of a space is defined by our perception of the area through our sensory systems. In most cases, we are only aware of the visual stimulation. We avert our attention to the aesthetics and décor of a room, making other senses, such as sound and smell, secondary. A similar anomaly occurs for design as well. As indicated by Lars Pontoppidan, the managing director of the Charlottehaven center, “The acoustic environment is typically granted little or no attention during project planning and design.” However, as the managing director also points out, “Providing people with comfortable environment can significantly contribute to optimizing their well-being and performance.” If this is the case, why not use both aesthetics and sound to create the perfect space?

Silenzio, a suspension light from Luceplan, allows designers to focus on both visuals and acoustics to enhance a space.

Developed for acoustic comfort, Silenzio follows the idea of enhancing spaces with textiles that visually warm up environments coupled with a precise function. With these aims, the complete and well-structured lighting fixture absorbs sound and diffuses light, creating a warm and intimate environment for public and private areas. The outstanding performance of the fixture was acquired through material research. Designers found needle punch polyester that provides excellent sound absorption. The polyester is recycled! They also discovered the new technology of thermofoaming of foam, which provides a dual function of absorbing sound and diffusing light.

Silenzio is the perfect fixture for offices, and restaurants. The lamp allows designers to create small areas of private space for conversation. The examples below show how sounds are affected with and without the use of the Silenzio lamp in the area. Notice how sound is kept close in proximity to those conversing with each other in the image depicting the use of Silenzio, keeping the conversation intimate and personal. In contrast, the image where the lamp is not present, sound travels and bounces off the surrounding walls, amplifying noise that does not pertain to the conversation you’re having with the person in front of you.

Specifications for Silenzio from Luceplan

Available in halogen, fluorescent, or LED

Kvadrat Textile, Remix 2 (90% wool, 10% nylon)

The first four textiles shown on the left are in stock, all other textiles shown to the right are available upon request.

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