Sloped Ceiling Lighting Solutions

Like high ceilings, sloped ceilings are a unique lighting challenge. Similarly to a high-ceilinged space, minimizing shadows is also a concern for spaces with sloped ceilings. And, as sloped ceiling spaces have different installation requirements, finding the right lighting can seem like an overwhelming task.

Gaining a sense of the options available for sloped ceiling spaces makes it easier to begin creating a lighting plan. Though installation becomes a deciding factor when looking for fixtures, there are a variety of options to choose from. With the options below, it can be easy to start generating ideas for a future lighting plan.

Track Lighting

As a highly adaptable form of lighting, track lighting is a ready fit for sloped ceiling spaces. In its easy adjustability, it can eliminate shadows and add warmth to a space. With these benefits in mind, it is worthwhile to consider adapting track lighting to a sloped ceilinged space. Understanding the mounting accessories needed to do so is a first step. Depending on the track lighting system being used, certain mounting accessories may be more appropriate than others. Using WAC Lighting’s Sloped Ceiling Hang-Straight Adapter allows for installation of suspension kits on sloped ceilings. As the diagram on the right shows, installation for both this adapter and track lighting is fairly simple.

The adapter options from Nora Lighting are similarly straightforward. Available for both low voltage and line voltage track lighting, it simplifies the process of adding track lighting to a sloped ceiling space. ConTech’s Swivel Stem Kit works similarly, as it can be used for single and 2-circuit track. Any of these options can add ambient lighting to a space, which can always be enhanced with additional fixtures.

Pendant and Chandelier Lighting

Pendant lighting, in not requiring additional accessories, can be a more straightforward option when it comes to installation. Further, opting for pendant lighting can enhance the style and overall aesthetic of a space. Beyond choosing fixtures that fit your desired design, it is important to be sure a fixture can be installed on a sloped ceiling. In some cases, such as with LBL’s Malena Large Pendant, a swivel canopy is used to accommodate a sloped ceiling.

Other options may simply provide a range of installation options that include sloped ceilings. Cerno has several such options, whose differing styles can easily suit a variety of lighting plans. Their Mica Accent Pendant can complement well-placed track lighting by adding style and accent lighting. Similarly, their Levis LED Pendant adds both accent lighting and a touch of delicate craftsmanship. In contrast, Cerno’s Ignis LED Pendant can be used as task lighting if space allows, as the application photo below suggests.

Chandeliers can also be an option adding attention-grabbing style to a sloped ceiling space. Fredrick Ramond has a broad range of options suitable for sloped ceiling spaces. The Anya Chandelier, with its skilled craftsmanship and design, lends a pop of glamour to a space. Though slightly more understated, the Tulah Chandelier similarly showcases delicate craftsmanship, making for an elegant fixture. In contrast, the Moxie Chandelier opts for a more modern design, resulting in a minimalist yet sophisticated fixture.


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