Pablo Designs at LBC Lighting

In the past 25 years, Pablo Designs has become a notable figure within the lighting industry. Founded in San Francisco by Venezuelan-born Pablo Pardo, the brand has flourished through its commitment to simplicity and utility. Their devotion to sustainability, in both design choices and function, has made them a hallmark of contemporary lighting. Centered on a less-is-more approach, Pablo’s minimalist fixtures provide practical lighting solutions. As the progression of fixtures below shows, Pablo is continually expanding their creative vision through their innovative design choices.

Elise Floor Lamp

As one of Pablo’s earlier designs, the Elise Floor Lamp highlights their dedication to minimalist yet sophisticated fixtures. Its streamlined design is complimented by the use of sleek aluminum paired with a frosted acrylic diffuser. This simplicity of design is both visually pleasing and highly functional, as it provides a broad wash of light. Complementing its functional design, the Elise Floor Lamp also has full-range dimming capabilities, making it a highly versatile lighting choice. In its pairing of modern design and effective lighting, the Elise Floor Lamp showcases Pablo’s remarkable craftsmanship.

The Light Bench

The Light Bench, as a merging of furniture and lighting, is a notable example of Pablo’s inventive approach to lighting. Approaching lighting by way of furniture recalls Pablo’s dedication to practical yet effective lighting. In a similarly sleek style to the Elise Floor Lamp, the Light Bench uses transparent and white acrylic to create a modern, eye-catching fixture fitting any setting. Echoing its visual versatility, the Light Bench can serves as a table or seating as well as lighting. With a full range of dim control, it is easy to adjust the fixture to suit the aesthetic of any space, making it a dynamic addition to any setting.

Circa LED Pendant

Following the highly functional Light Bench, the Circa LED Pendant is an imaginative approach to effective lighting. Like the above fixtures, the Circa LED Pendant steps outside of traditional design choices to create a unique lighting solution. Its sleek design merges the utility of a work lamp with a traditional shaded lamp, as it allows for 45° shade tilt and 360° shade rotation. This adjustability, as well as its glare-free illumination and dim control, allows the Circa LED Pendant to serve as ambient or task lighting. Adding to its utility, the Circa includes a USB charging port, making it a highly modern LED fixture suiting multiple settings.

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