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SLV Lighting – “More Than Light”

SLV Lighting – “More Than Light”

SLV Lighting originated in Germany (1979) and is one of Europe’s fastest growing and most successful lighting companies. Its beginnings in Germany started with the simple joy of playing with light. Since then, the innovative provider of interior and exterior residential and commercial lighting has grown to become a worldwide company with subsidiaries operating in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Hong Kong, North America and Russia.

Through its emphasis on innovative technology, diversity in design, high standards in quality, and competitive pricing, SLV has become one of the market leaders in contemporary lighting designs, technical lighting and living room illumination. Their products also meet or exceed the North American safety standards and carry an ETL listing mark.

SLV Lighting provides lighting for a multitude of applications.

The SLV research and development team works with select designers to continually create new products for the ever-changing lighting market. The global company also teams up with international partners to develop new items to fit the all lighting needs and applications. Below are a list of items SLV provides.

  • Wall
  • Ceiling
  • Pendant
  • Portable
  • Track
  • Object Lighting
  • Under Cabinet
  • Exterior Bollard
  • Exterior Ceiling
  • Exterior Wall
  • Exterior Portable
  • Exterior Ground

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