Smart Lighting Series: Adorne Wave™ Switch

In its many forms, smart technology can create opportunities to rethink how utility and style interact. For lighting, this is particularly important. Effective lighting can enhance the style of a space, as well as simplify day-to-day functions. In their often seamless integration into spaces, smart lighting can enhance function as well as style.

In this fourth part of our Smart Lighting series, we will explore how smart lighting can boost style while meeting specific lighting needs. Centered on hands-free technology, the Wave™ Switch by Adorne is a versatile addition to any lighting plan. With its wide range of style options and straightforward function, the Wave™ Switch is a good introduction into smart lighting.

For those worried about a complicated installation process, the Wave™ Switch can eliminate those worries. Adorne’s innovative snap-in system guarantees easy installation. As the Switch fits onto an existing electrical box and doesn’t need new wires, installation can take 15 minutes or less.

The simplicity of installation mirrors the simplicity of daily use. Focusing on a single, intuitive function, the Wave™ Switch is a seamless addition to any lighting plan. Its hands-free technology allows you to turn lights on and off with a hand wave. This function can effectively adapt to meet the needs of many scenarios where hands-free is necessary. With this in mind, the Wave™ Switch is a great entry into smart lighting for those uncertain of its benefits. As with previous products in this series, the Switch streamlines daily lighting use in simple, yet significant ways.

Part of what makes this possible is the range of customization options for the Wave™ Switch. As it is paired with Adorne wall plates, choosing to install the Switch can be both a lighting and style upgrade for a space. The variety of finishes and styles available make it easy to find the right style to suit a setting. With this combined innovation of style and function, the Wave™ Switch can be highly effective addition to multiple spaces.

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