Hubbardton Forge at LBC Lighting

With their approach to lighting by way of blacksmithing, Hubbardton Forge has been raising the bar for craftsmanship throughout the past 40 years. Founded in 1974 in Hubbardton, Vermont, the brand stays connected to their roots in name and inspiration. While nature imagery shows up in many Hubbardton Forge designs, their surroundings also influence their environmental practices. As one of the first companies to powder-coat their products to reduce harmful fumes, the brand is dedicated to seeking out sustainable practices. Bioremediation is one such practice that Hubbardton Forge has pioneered. Using a phosphate-free bioremediation cleaner for their wash solutions, the process of cleaning products requires less water, making it a more sustainable practice.

The fixtures below reflect Hubbardton Forge’s thorough dedication to skillful craftsmanship and innovation, as it results in remarkable lighting.

Winter LED Pendant

Drawing inspiration from classical music and nature, the Winter LED pendant from Hubbardton Forge represents their inventive approach to lighting. Part of the Four Seasons collection, the Winter LED pendant shines in its contemporary design. Balancing light and shadow with its multifaceted aluminum snowflakes, the pendant pairs intricate metalwork with effective LED lighting. Its design, while eye-catching, remains functional with its CRI of 90 and high lumen output. As a modern yet minimalist fixture, the Winter LED pendant can add a touch of sophisticated style to any space.


Ribbon Chandelier

Similarly versatile to the Winter LED pendant, the Ribbon chandelier highlights the range of skill represented throughout Hubbardton Forge’s fixtures. The graceful lines of the chandelier showcase the brand’s expert metalwork. In its simple, understated design, the Ribbon chandelier brings the traditional chandelier into the present. Though recalling a more traditional style with its classic lines, the Ribbon chandelier’s minimalist design makes it fit traditional or modern room designs.


Kairos LED Pendant

Featuring the skilled metalwork it is known for, the Kairos LED pendant reflects the creativity central to Hubbardton Forge. With its delicately structured centerpiece, the pendant makes effective lighting into a dazzling visual experience. The finely crafted stars centering the delicate lines of the structure also center the pendant’s name, which comes from the ancient Greek for the “right moment”. With its high lumen output and CRI of 90, the Kairos pendant provides excellent lighting for every moment.

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