Smart Lighting Series: Caséta by Lutron

With the growth of smart technology, deciding on how to update a space can be a challenge. Even when narrowing your focus to one particular area, such as lighting, the many options available are overwhelming. However, exploring the various ways to integrate smart lighting into a space can make it an easier transition.

In this first part of our Smart Lighting Series, we will explore how particular brands approach smart lighting. Although smart lighting can make lighting more practical to your needs, taking the time to learn the system will make it a long-term investment. Caséta by Lutron has a range of products easily installed and integrated into a space over time. Being easy to setup and use, the Caséta series is a way to use smart lighting that is expandable to suit the needs of a space over time.

Caséta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer and Plug-In Dimmer

The series provides two options for this: their Wireless In-Wall Dimmer and Wireless Plug-In Dimmer. The In-Wall Dimmer allows daily lighting adjustments for a particular area, such as a living room, dining room or kitchen. Though it replaces an existing switch, the In-Wall Dimmer is compatible with a range of dimmable bulbs: LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen. With LED/CFL bulbs, the In-Wall Dimmer has a maximum wattage of 150W; incandescent/ halogen bulbs allow for a maximum of 600W.

While installation for the In-Wall Dimmer takes as little as 15 minutes, the Wireless Plug-In Dimmer is simply plugged into an outlet. Capable of dimming 2 lamps at once, it easily enhances the function of existing lamps. With a maximum wattage of 100W for dimmable LED/CFL bulbs and 300W for candescent/halogen bulbs, the Plug-In Dimmer is an easy addition to a lighting plan.

Though the controls for each product are straightforward, pairing with the Pico remote allows each dimmer to be even more intuitive. Its quick pairing process to a dimmer and easy to learn controls make the Pico remote quickly enhance the function of either dimmer. With its 10-year battery life and range of 30 feet, the remote simplifies lighting adjustments across a space for the long term.


Caséta Smart Bridge

For larger spaces, consider the Caséta Smart Bridge. The Smart Bridge makes it possible to control up to 50 lighting devices through the Lutron App. Using the Lutron app, you can set a lighting schedule – which will automatically adjust with changing seasons and Daylight Saving times – as well as create lighting scenes. These lighting scenes are a way to control multiple lights to meet specific lighting needs. For a living room, a “movie” scene can dim lights, while a “study” scene can bring up task lighting to promote concentration. When integrated with other forms of smart technology, such as Amazon Alexa* or Google Assistant*, lighting can be voice-controlled, adding even more convenience…and at times fun.

Caséta by Lutron makes smart lighting a worthwhile long term investment . Its range of products allows for a gradual or full transition into smart lighting without a complicated installation process. With its skillful use of smart technology, the Caséta series makes smart lighting an attainable lighting upgrade.


*All brand names listed here belongs to their respective owners.
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