Core Lighting at LBC Lighting

As part of a growing number of manufacturers developing LED lighting solutions, Core Lighting has showcased the great potential of LED lighting technology. Their core values make this goal possible: quality, service, and innovation. Their commitment to exploring how LED lighting sources can be adapted to various applications makes their products versatile. This versatility shines in the wide variety of famous brands using Core Lighting’s products. From upscale hotels like the Ritz Carlton to retail locations like Bloomingdale’s and North Face, their LED lighting products fit many applications and industries. The products below highlight Core Lighting’s versatility, as made possible by their high-performance fixtures.

LSMW-15 Indoor/Outdoor LED Tape Light

Core Lighting’s LED tape lights are one of their many options adding great customization to a lighting plan. Their LSMW-15 Indoor/Outdoor LED Tape light is an especially effective outlet for creating unique lighting designs. Available in color temperatures ranging from 2500K up to 5000K, the LSMW-15 Indoor/Outdoor LED Tape light suits a variety of environments. With its CRI of 85 and 120° beam angle, it provides high performance and illumination for all settings. As an option suitable for indoor and outdoor, there is no limit to the possible uses for the LSMW-15. Its ease of installation makes it a ready fit for outdoor applications, as the image on the right shows. 

ALP100C Surface Mount Aluminum Profile

Though many of Core Lighting’s LED tape lights can stand alone, their broad selection of aluminum profiles can often enhance their versatility. LED profiles and channels expand your design options, while prolonging the lifespan of LED strips and tape lights. The ALP100C Surface Mount Aluminum Profile makes both of those options possible. Pairing sleek design with functionality, the ALP100C is a modern addition to any space. With its patented frosted diffuser, it maximizes lumen output and provides a wide distribution of light. The ALP100C has many potential applications by combining it with one of Core Lighting’s LED products. For indoor installations, the surface mount ALP100C is easily integrated into a space, enhancing its design choices.

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