Smart Lighting Series: Modern Forms Fans

In its ongoing expansion and innovation, smart technology is more easily integrating into all areas of our lives. Beyond smartphones, smart home technology simplifies day-to-day interactions with technology. With this aim in mind, smart lighting can be an especially beneficial addition for both the day-to-day and long term.

This third part of our Smart Lighting series focuses on another specific approach to smart lighting: Modern Forms’ fan series. Merging fan functionality and effective lighting, the series showcases how smart technology can make for more intuitive fixtures. With innovative design and range of styles, the Modern Forms fan series is a great entry into modern, functional lighting.

As a division of WAC Lighting, the LED technology in each fan is highly efficient. With a color temperature of 3000K and dimming capabilities, each fan easily adapts to diverse lighting needs. In design, the Modern Forms fan series is similarly intuitive. All fans are wet rated and use weather-resistant finishes, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. With a 6-speed DC motor, each fan delivers efficient performance at a noiseless pace, making it a seamless addition to a space.

In installation and daily use, the Modern Forms fan series makes adapting to smart technology effortless. Though each fan can be controlled through the Modern Forms app, the installation process is the same as for a typical ceiling fan. In daily use is where a Modern forms fan differs.

As each fan comes with an RF (Radio-Frequency) wall unit, it can be controlled via the Modern Forms app or wall panel controls. A fan can also be integrated with other forms of smart technology, such as Amazon Alexa* and Google Assistant*. Through the Modern Forms smartphone app, you can create fan schedules per week, or for every day of the year. In doing so, the Adaptive Learning technology of the app can come to suggest optimized schedules, further simplifying daily use.

With its pairing of functional fan and lighting performance with smart technology, the Modern Forms fan series presents an uncomplicated entry into smart technology. Getting familiar with the series’ smartphone controls is a straightforward process, making it easy to start enjoying the benefits of smart technology.



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