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Spring Time Outdoor Lighting

Spring Time Outdoor Lighting

As spring time sunshine warms the weather and flowers start to bud, spending time with friends and family outdoors slowly becomes a new activity. Whether you’re hosting a dinner on your new patio, or simply enjoying wine on your deck with some friends, it is essential to install lighting to illuminate the space for safety and decorative purposes. With that in mind, is your landscape lighting up to par? Does it create the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests to unwind and relax?

Here are some suggested lighting designs for your patio, deck and garden.

String lights are the perfect illumination for patios. Decorative and functional, string lights create a comforting, warm atmosphere. Whether you’re popping open a bottle of wine with friends or simply enjoying the spring time air with an enjoyable book, string lights provide good illumination for any activity.

Safety is key on decks. The lifted extension often includes steps and railings to keep occupants from danger. Illuminating these areas—stairs and railing—helps emphasize the edges of the deck during the evening hours. Utilizing this type of lighting not only prevents accidents, they also act as beautiful landscape accents.

Path lights or garden lights serve as good accent lighting for enjoying the essence of your backyard or garden. By strategically placing these lights by a flower bed, you can illuminate and highlight flowers and plants creating a relaxed ambiance. They also serve as walking guides, directing garden viewers to stay on path away from stepping on plants.

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