Tech Lighting at LBC Lighting

Through their striking and well-crafted lighting fixtures, Tech Lighting has become the industry leader in low-voltage lighting systems. The past 25 years has seen them expand beyond their first major product, the low voltage Kable Light Rail system. In this time, they have created a variety of original fixtures suitable for many settings. From their retro-styled fixtures, such as the Gambit Triple LED Wall Light, to distinctly minimalist and modern styles such as the Melrose II Grande Line Voltage Pendant, their products build from traditional styles and lines to create timeless contemporary pieces.


Ceiling and Wall Lights

The unique ceiling and wall light options from Tech Lighting showcase their balance between craftsmanship and functionality. With their stark lines and matte finish, the Fett wall light and Exo ceiling light are understated fixtures that powerfully draw the eye. Though using similarly clean lines, the Matan ceiling light and Sedona LED wall light make use of color and detailed glasswork to add even more light to a space.

Pendant Lighting

Many pendant lighting fixtures from Tech Lighting underscore the central importance of glasswork amongst their products. Their continued use of this medium demonstrates the wide bounds of their style. The simplicity of fixtures such as the Cheers 1-It Low Voltage Pendant and Amira LED Line Voltage Pendant on the left is countered by the meticulous detailing of the Reece LED Line Voltage Pendant and Audra Line Voltage Pendant on the right. All of these options would serve as subtle accent points to modernize the look of any space, residential or commercial.

Chandelier Lighting

Drawing from the eye-catching lines of a traditional chandelier, Tech Lighting has melded the traditional and contemporary in memorable ways. Any of Tech Lighting’s skillfully crafted fixtures would be a stylish focal point in any space. The variety of chandelier options by Tech Lighting exhibits the eclectic inclinations of their overall contemporary style. Deconstructed pieces such as the Gambit 19-It LED Chandelier would complement a modern space. Similarly, the innovative sleekness of the Aragon LED Line Voltage Suspension would perfectly suit a contemporary-styled space, as would the elegantly minimal silhouette of the Stratos LED Chandelier. Pairing the graceful lines of a classic chandelier with LED technology, the Patrona chandelier exemplifies the stunning product of Tech Lighting’s dedication to fresh design and innovative craftsmanship.

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