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Terzani – Italian Craftsmanship & Design-Forward Innovation

Terzani – Italian Craftsmanship & Design-Forward Innovation

Melding traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern technology, Terzani blurs the lines between art, luxury and design. Since its establishment in 1972 in Florence, Italy, the company has maintained and celebrates artisan hand-craftsmanship.  Through two distinct collections, Terzani is able to showcase tradition and also features design-forward innovation.

The Memory Collection commemorates original distinct Deco designs from Jean-Francois. Using iron, wood and Scavo glass, lamps in this collection bring warmth and timeless appeal to its surrounding.

The PreciousDesign Collection showcases Terzani’s commitment to the advancement of modern technology and design-forward innovation–featuring lamps that enhance their longstanding artisinal practices combined with cutting edge technology. Sculptural and luxurious, lamps from this collection will never go unnoticed.

Noteworthy Products

I Lucci Argentati – Inspired by a school of fish, the whimsical, yet modern, luminaire features 22 sleek lights each with incisions along the bottom to create an understated tranquil beauty. Sleek and minimal, the artistic fixture is customizable and can be combined into different configurations, allowing for one of a kind creations to fit any space desired.

Orten’zia – Hand soldered petals reminisce the beauty of a flower. The luminaire emanates a warm glow, casting dramatic and elegant shadows across the room. Petals of light, Orten’zia is a glimmering piece of beauty.

Fun Fact

Terzani Atlantis Linear Suspension was featured in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

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