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The Algoritmo Suspension System from Artemide

The Algoritmo Suspension System from Artemide

The Algoritmo Suspension System by Artemide adds to their impressive collection of suspension systems. Similar to their other suspension systems, the Algoritmo Suspension System provides striking architectural design adaptable to a variety of spaces.

Made up of three linear components sharing an electrical system, the Algoritmo Suspension System is highly versatile in design and function. With the possibility to create lines and corners of continuous lighting, lighting configurations can be fully integrated into any room. The available installation options – surface recessed, surface mounted, suspended – makes the Algoritmo easily adaptable within many space parameters. Such flexibility makes the Algoritmo Suspension System a worthy addition to commercial areas such as reception areas, meeting rooms, and retail spaces. The sleek design of the components guarantees to add a sophisticated touch to any room.

In function, the Algoritmo fulfills a range of lighting needs. Mirroring its ready integration into any setting, it provides ambient, directional and accent lighting. As such, the Algoritmo can meet the unique lighting needs of any space. Its use of LED technology and color temperatures ranging from 3000K to 4000K guarantees effective, energy-efficient lighting in any configuration.

The versatile design and utility of the Algoritmo Suspension System makes it a dynamic, eye-catching addition to many spaces. With its high potential for customization, it can readily fit the aesthetic of a room while providing functional lighting. The integration of innovative technology in both design and function makes the Algoritmo Suspension System an excellent fixture to create dynamic lighting plans for any space.

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