Mitzi Lighting at LBC Lighting

A new addition to the Littman Brands umbrella, Mitzi is another example of Littman Brands’ commitment to innovation. Founded last year by Hudson Valley’s CEO, David Littman, it takes inspiration from the vintage style of Hudson Valley to create contemporary takes on classic fixtures. In mingling timeless elegance and modern aesthetics, Mitzi aims to make high design more accessible while retaining a dedication to quality. The skillful balance of simplicity and sophistication across their collections results in fixtures suited for any space. Through their eclectic takes on traditional styles, Mitzi is a brand to watch in the coming years.

Ceiling Lighting

The below flushmount fixtures from Mitzi reflect the core style influences shaping their collections. Some fixtures, such as the Livvy flushmount, strongly recall classic simplicity in their understated style. However, a pop of color through a polished copper finish adds a contemporary feel to the overall subtle fixture. The Aira flushmount trends towards a more modern aesthetic without sacrificing simplicity, adding visual appeal through use of negative space. Through a similar use of detail, the Heidi flushmount balances simple lines with modern flair in its use of delicately designed metalwork.

Pendant Lighting

Through their various pendant options, Mitzi highlights their commitment to skilled craftsmanship. Their continued use of glasswork especially showcases this, along with the versatility of their overall style. The minimalist use of glasswork in the Joni pendant results in a subtle, modern fixture fitting for many spaces. In contrast, the Bella pendant uses detailed glasswork mimicking more traditional styles. Combined with sleek finishes, the Bella pendant draws from vintage glamour to create an eye-catching fixture adding a touch of elegance to any space.

Chandelier Lighting

Branching away from the traditional style of chandelier, Mitzi illustrates the dynamic creativity driving their style. The Astrid chandelier is the most striking example of this, as it transforms the classic ornateness of a chandelier into stark minimalism. With its clean lines and predominant use of matte black, it would be a striking focal point in any room. The Estee chandelier similarly emphasizes simplicity, while retaining some of the vintage details of a chandelier. Using sharp, dynamic lines in combination with luxurious finishes creates a contemporary update on traditional elegance. The Carrie chandelier in particular returns to the Hudson Valley roots of traditional elegance through its graceful design. Retaining the flowing lines of traditional chandeliers, yet introducing modern glamour in the choice of finishes, the Carrie chandelier skillfully draws from timeless style while looking to the future.

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