The Perfect Finishing Touch – Adorne by Legrand

It’s the little things that count the most, like pillow mints for hotel guests. Small details that may seem arbitrary are, in fact, the biggest factor in creating the perfect atmosphere. For example, luxury hotels satisfy their guests by providing comfort through small, sometimes even trivial, aspects—luxury bath products, soft-fluffy towels, elegant linen bedsheets, body hugging mattresses, warm-welcoming lighting, extravagant chandeliers, lush carpeting, the list goes on. There are plenty of different details that help generate aesthetic and atmosphere; however, the most overlooked aspect may be the light switch.

Adorne by Legrand has beautifully designed light switches, dimmers, outlets, and wallplates that instantly brighten and tie the composition of any space together.

Take a look at these breathtakingly pleasing and functional applications of the Adorne collection in hotel spaces.

Adorne’s simple elegance is easy to achieve, just follow the steps below!

The Adorne Collection can be used anywhere. Here are some more brilliant applications.

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