Title 24 Training Event – February 18, 2016


LBC Lighting hosted our first Title 24 Training Event on Thursday, February 18. The training was presented by Joe Portera, a lighting control specialist from Performance Lighting Systems.

Joe is an experienced lighting control specialist who has worked in the lighting control industry since 2003, and has been with Performance Lighting Systems for 7 years.

During the training, Joe discussed the basic ins and outs of commercial Title 24 standards. He also had product displays—showcasing VLT and BLT lighting troffers and some motion and vacancy sensors.  Attendees were encouraged to ask questions regarding Title 24 throughout the session, allowing them full access to Joe’s knowledge on compliance issues.  Needless to say, attendees left the training with notably valuable knowledge; and with them asking for information on our next upcoming event.

Our attendees also enjoyed complimentary breakfast—bagels, fruits, coffee and juices—as well as a raffle, in which four lucky winners were gifted motion sensors.

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