Top 5: Lamps for College Dorms

It is a well-known fact that college dorm rooms are usually poorly lit and under furnished. As a result, most students bring their own desk or floor lamp to both illuminate and decorate the room.

Since college dorms are part of school facilities, there are different rules and regulations in terms of what type of lighting is and is not allowed. Please be aware of your school’s regulations before purchasing your lighting. For example, at UC Berkeley, it is considered a fire hazard to have Christmas lights in the dorm room.

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing a lamp. The following are a couple of our favorites that are both practical and visually appealing.


Z-Bar Solo LED Lamp

This sleek lamp has a sliding dimmer that allows you to closely adjust the brightness so you can achieve the perfect brightness for reading (and studying while your roommates are sleeping). Decked with 35 LED bulbs, it has an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours—that’s enough to last through your entire college career!

Tolomeo Classic Table Lamp

The classic table lamp boasts fully adjustable arm structures that makes shining light at various angles and positions easy. This traditional table lamp is a smart functional addition to your work table.

D’E-Light LED Table Lamp with Apple 30-pin Connector

This LED lamp not only lights up your work area, it also has ports to charge your electronics. Along with a stable base, you can prop your tablet, cell phone, iPod or any other electronic to the top of the lamp for maximum table space conservation.

Mr. N LED Table Lamp

Mr. N is a revolutionary new LED table or accent lamp that fits any décor, environment or style. This lamp has a unique, arch-shaped design with a seamless, illuminated surface that uses advanced light panel technology.

Link Clamp LED Table Lamp

Link modernizes the classic task lamp incorporating the most advanced LED lighting technology to-date. Designed with a dual-purposed shade-handle, Link seamlessly balances performance and style to satisfy focused lighting needs in any environment.