Track Lighting Basics

Many of us are probably familiar with track lighting since it can be found almost everywhere – from mall shops to museum galleries to our very own  homes. However, putting together a track system from scratch or retrofitting one may not be as easy so here’s a quick guide to some track lighting basics.

1. Determine the Track System:

Sometimes you may wonder why the track head that you bought does not fit your existing track system even though they look exactly the same. The reason is that even though the overall look is the same, the connector that fits into the track is different.

The most popular track systems out there are Juno, Halo and Lightolier and most track systems on the market are usually compatible with either of those systems (designated as J, H, or L system compatible). Therefore, if you are adding to an existing track system or seeking replacements, it is important to know which system you have.

For new installation, the system you get is up to personal preference. You just have to make sure that all the components and tracks heads you get are compatible within the system.

See below for visual guide:

2. Determine if Single Circuit or Two Circuit Track:

Line voltage track systems are usually split into single circuit or two circuit. The difference is in the wiring.

Single circuit allows all fixtures on the run to be wired to one switch. It is the most common and most economical option. Two circuit allows one run to be wired to two switches which allow for more flexibility. For example, if you have both pendants and track heads on the run,  you can wire pendants to one switch and track heads to another.

Single Circuit Application

Two Circuit Application

3. Determine the track lengths and connectors:

Track sections are usually available in 8-ft, 6-ft, 4-ft and 2-ft configurations which are field-cuttable  and can be joined using various connectors to get a wide variety of shapes i.e. straight lines, X, T, L, etc.

4. Determine the power source:

Each track run would need a power source and the type would depend on your application. See below for the most popular options.

5. Add Fixtures

Once you have your track layout set up, you can now add your fixtures – either spot heads or pendants. See below for some options.

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