Trend: Industrial Style Lighting

Industrial aesthetics has long been in-trend and in-style, and continues to be a strong player in home design and commercial spaces. Functional and practical, the designs of this style are a visual appeal that celebrates the beauty of materials—whether repurposed or newly constructed—highlighting stripped back architecture, bricks and metal frames, and “cold” metals forged and welded.

If you are looking to create an industrial inspired space, an easy first step to transitioning is by first choosing accent pieces, such as lighting fixtures, to furnish your space. Rugged, rustic, vintage, edgy—lighting fixtures with these styles will bring a trendy nostalgic aesthetic to complement the already traditional or contemporary style of your space.

The artistry behind industrial styled lighting is more than just exposed cables and filament bulbs. It is interplay between form and function. With the use of “cold” metals—tin, steel, iron, aluminum—to create minimalist fixtures with strong clean lines, this stylized design coupled with LED will bring a balance in design while providing functional lighting.

Take a look below at some great industrial styled fixtures we carry at LBC Lighting.