Upgrade Parking Garage Lighting to LED

As a property owner, saving energy while enhancing safety for clients are extremely important. When the topic of energy savings arises, switching fluorescent and CFL bulbs to LED automatically comes to mind. LEDs are more energy efficient, have a longer rated life, and provide greater illumination. If you’re already using LED in the office or at your residence, you may be wondering, how can I save more when I’m already using the most updated lighting option? The lost opportunity is not from what you’re using, but rather where you’re not using it.

According to the Department of Energy, building owners spend more than $6 billion to light their parking lots and garages. Operating nearly 24/7, it is no surprise high operation costs and maintenance expenses are incurred. By upgrading traditional parking garage fixtures—metal halide, high pressure sodium, and linear fluorescent—to LED luminaries, significant advantages can be obtained in regard to finance and safety.

Financial Savings

In terms of financial savings in regards to lighting, energy reduction is a key component. LED lighting offers a 75% reduction in energy consumption in comparison to traditional lighting options; leading to nearly 60% savings in lighting costs. LED consumes nearly half as much energy as HID and fluorescent bulbs. They also outperform traditional bulbs by lasting 5 times as long. Due to their efficiency, LEDs are virtually maintenance-free for over a decade. This saves on maintenance expense, which can often rack up to large amounts—especially when immediate replacement is requested.

Metal Halide High Pressure Sodium LED
Energy Consumption 150W – 175W 100W – 150W 26W – 80W
Rated Life 10,000 – 15,000 hours 24,000+ hours 50,000 – 100,000 hours

Even Greater Savings—pair LED luminaires with dimmers and occupancy sensors. Dimming and instant on/off illumination is possible with LED lighting. No waiting for lamps to warm up before optimal illumination is emitted—even in cold temperatures.

Enhanced Safety

LED lighting provides uniform illumination with thorough coverage. Improved color rendering also assists in providing increased safety for vehicles and pedestrians, and clearer quality imaging on video cameras and safety systems.

Spectrum Health in Michigan updated their old sodium fixtures with high performing LEDs. Superior improvement in visibility and color rendering can be compared in the before and after images of the parking garage. Learn more about their upgrade at GE Lighting.


Time and Budget

Although parking garages utilize a large number luminaires, fixtures can be upgraded to LED on time and in budget with ease. Because garage ceiling heights are typically low, replacements require minimal lift and equipment—saving on maintenance time and expense.

Upgrades may seem costly; however, for most LED upgrades, companies realize project payback within two to three years.


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