Wall Lighting Solutions

With the many functions ceiling fixtures serve, wall lighting is often thought of as meant for accent lighting. Though wall lighting can serve as accent lighting, it can also help create full, layered lighting in a space. To begin moving beyond thinking of wall lighting as solely accent lighting, matching tasks to particular fixtures can open up more possibilities. The options that follow present some of those possibilities, ranging from highlighting parts of a space to task lighting. Using these ideas as a guide can jumpstart your own approach to wall lighting.

Accent Lighting

Wall lighting, when not limited to decorative fixtures, is often used to accent or highlight features of a space. Track lighting is particularly useful for this, as adjustable track heads can easily focus light where desired. It can effectively highlight an accent wall or a piece of artwork, making it a versatile choice for completed or ongoing design plans. Though reviewing some track lighting basics may be necessary, it can be an easy addition to your lighting plan. The two track lighting accessories below can add greater customization to your lighting configuration. Using the track suspension bracket from WAC with a track lighting system ensures full illumination of a piece of artwork. As it extends up to 24 inches from a wall, it makes it easy to adjust track lighting to your exact specifications. The track extension bracket from ConTech works similarly with track lighting. Allowing track lighting to extend up to 36 inches, it provides even more freedom to experiment with lighting effects.

Task Lighting

For living rooms, bedrooms, and dens, wall lighting can be a great source of task lighting. Though ceiling lighting often provides this, wall lighting is a solid, and often space-saving, alternative. There is a wide variety of sconce options available, ranging from the purely functional towards more stylish choices. In spaces with only beginning design plans, opting for the former can make it easier to build towards a design plan in the future. Minimalist fixtures can easily harmonize with a variety of styles and present a fun opportunity to explore a new aesthetic. The options below target some of the key uses for wall lighting, while showcasing sleek, modern simplicity. The Marset No8 LED Wall Sconce can easily fit any living room or bedroom design, adding necessary task lighting to areas of a room. Zaneen’s Jackie LED Wall Light is similarly adaptable, as it can provide both task lighting and a pop of color if desired. The sleek lines and color choices of Marset’s Funiculi Wall Light make it a versatile and understated fixture suiting a variety of spaces.

For some rooms, wall lighting may need to fit into an established style while providing necessary task lighting. In these cases, function is not sacrificed for style, as there are many stylish wall lighting options available. One seamlessly stylish addition is the Cerno Levo LED Bedside Wall Sconce. Its sleek lines make for an understated, yet wholly stylish fixture adding a touch of contemporary sophistication to a room. A more traditional choice, Elk Lighting’s 10291/1 Swingarm Wall Sconce remains effectively versatile in its mobility. The Zaneen Classic Wall Light shares this adaptability, while adding a modern, minimalist touch to a space.

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