Element ENTRA LED Recessed at LBC Lighting

With its wide range of applications, recessed lighting can greatly simplify the process of creating a lighting plan. And, as lighting technology continues to advance, recessed lighting is becoming an even more feasible lighting choice. One of the companies making this possible is Element by Tech Lighting. Developing affordable and effective downlights, Element is making it even easier to create and update lighting plans with high-performance fixtures.

Their ENTRA LED recessed lighting series is an example of Element’s commitment to quality and value. The  series offers excellent performance for the long term. With a CRI of 90, the ENTRA LED recessed lighting series guarantees accurate color portrayal. Paired with available color temperatures starting from 2700K to 4000K, the series easily provides the right level of illumination for any setting. Both of these benefits can be enjoyed for the long term, as the ENTRA LED series has a lifetime of 50,000 hours. Both Energy Star rated and T24 compliant, the series is an energy efficient choice in any setting.

Best of all, the Entra is affordably priced, making it the right choice for specification grade led recessed lighting.

Available for new construction and remodel installation, the series offers a range of customization through flanged and flangeless trim options. Though you may need to review the trim types available for recessed lighting, choosing the right trim for a space can be an easy task. Along with the flexibility offered by the variety of trim options, the ENTRA LED series offers high adjustability with 0-30° tilt and 359° rotation.

Making the installation process easier, Element provides a step-by-step guide for flangeless installation, which could be done using this housing with this trim. The below photos can help make the installation process less challenging:

  1. Install housing to the ceiling joists with the adjustable steel hanger bars (shown above).
  2. Mount wall board to ceiling and walls.
  3. Attach plaster plate to the aperture using supplied hardware.
  4. Skim coat around the plaster plate and up to the aperture for a seamless appearance.

For more help with recessed lighting, see our past guides or email customerservice@lbclighting.com with your questions.

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