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Antares Lighting – NEW Altair LED Series

Antares Lighting – NEW Altair LED Series

With a new contender for commercial-grade lighting solutions, Antares Enterprises now introduces their Altair LED Series. This series expands on Antares’ eco-friendly, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing designs. However, what makes the Altair LED Series a game changer is its astoundingly petite profile. At ½” (W) by 3/8” (H), these LED fixtures allow for easy installation in the tightest of spaces. But even at such a compact size, the Altair LEDs definitely do not fail to provide a powerful lighting output. These LEDs are designed to deliver 455 Lumens and 50,000 hours of free maintenance with a 90+ CRI.

Ease of installation extends farther than just its miniature size. As an additional component, the Altair Series features seamless fixture to fixture linking with “plug and play” installation. Using assorted modular connectors and link cords, one can accomplish a continuous light source that appears as a single fixture. The Altair design also includes an extruded aluminum body and preinstalled magnet strips to stick on any metal surface without inducing damage.

With 6 different lengths available ranging from 6”-34” inches and 2 color temperature options, Altair is perfect to use for display and accent lighting in retail environments and exhibits. As both an adaptable and minimalist fixture, the Altair is compact with all that you need to effortlessly illuminate any space of choice.

Click here to browse the Altair Series at LBC Lighting.

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