The Benefits of Multi-Beam Spread Track Heads

Track Lighting is a popular lighting solution for many commercial applications like retail stores, galleries and restaurants but creating the right layout and choosing the correct fixtures can sometimes be a daunting task.

For a lighting designer or owner, you used to only have to choose the finish and the style of the fixture and decide on the bulbs later. With the advent of LED track heads, besides choosing color temperature, you also have to decide on beam spread. This often required going back to the plans to decide which beam spread to use and where.

However, now you can minimize the hassle of specing beam spread by using a track fixture that has multiple options. These fixtures often include at least two beams (flood and spot) so that you can adjust in the field. Flood beam spreads can be used to provide general lighting and spot beam spreads can be used to highlight artwork, display shelves and signboards. This not only allows for greater design flexibility, but makes it fool-proof for contractors (who don’t have to sort out fixtures before installation).

See below for some of our most popular options. If you need help specing a track system, contact one of our lighting specialists now at

Nora MAC Series:

  • Field adjustable beam spreads
  • 40° flood installed and 20° spot included

WAC Summit Series: 

  • Features Beam-Shift technology that allow in-field change of beam angle simply by changing the location of the lens with a simple flat-head screwdriver.
  • Beam angle of 15 degrees and 40 degrees.

WAC Oculux Series:

  • 3 Beam Angle Options Provided: 50° beam film pre-installed, interchangeable 30° film supplied, remove film for 17° spot beam

WAC Silo Series:

  • Silo X10: Field replaceable TIR lens for beam control (35° installed and 25° included in the box)
  • Silo X20: Continuously adjustable beam angles from 15° to 50°
  • Silo X42: Continuously adjustable beam angles from 15° to 50°
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