Open Kitchen Lighting Design


One of the essential parts of designing a modern open kitchen restaurant is deciding how to light the room. The lighting can set the mood for the entire restaurant and even the feeling that your restaurant’s brand carries.

The lighting should be as versatile as the kitchen itself allowing you to prepare your customer meals with ease and having the ability to create an attractive atmosphere for entertaining your patrons.

To appreciate the gravity of the process, businesses trust LBC Lighting as experts creating a wealth of kitchen lighting products that turn your restaurant kitchen from daylight to night time in style. Read through to find five contemporary ways to light your kitchen from LBC Lighting.

Pendant Lighting

Well-placed pendant lighting will brighten the kitchen and give the illusion of much-needed space for a smaller restaurant. Pendant lighting caters to every taste, budget, and style since they can be constructed from glass, wood, steel, and paper.

In order to bring the most out of the lighting in your restaurant kitchen, place pendant lights over your restaurant’s kitchen counter or island.

Once the size of the counter or island is determined, you can establish which type of pendant lights you will need in order to get your ideal light balance.

Chandelier Lighting

Celebrated for its glamorous lighting choice and spectacular nature, chandelier lighting offers far-reaching luxury and extravagance to a kitchen. Incorporating chandeliers into the kitchen will ultimately add personality and allure. Modern chandeliers are characterized by modernized designs that use LEDs and blend the elements of both classic and contemporary designs. Some are fitted with small mirrors or refractive crystal prisms. Owing to their size, they are frequently used in bigger kitchens.

LED Recessed Lighting

There are simple ways to integrate LED Recessed Lighting into your kitchen. 1-inch to 6-inch lighting units are compatible with the latest modern kitchen lighting schemes. On that scale, 1-2 inch models would be more fitting if you have a smaller kitchen and can be used inside of cabinets. A 6-inch LED recessed light would be a great fit for general kitchen lighting.

Lighting Control

Being able to control your lighting is equally as important as the lights themselves. Any modern kitchen should have the ability to dim or intensify the lighting giving you full control of the mood and setting. With wireless dimmers your restaurant will be able to make transitions throughout the day. By providing the perfect amount of lighting for each mood, your restaurant instantly becomes more attractive and appealing.

Under Cabinet Lighting

For more intimate settings, you may opt to use under cabinet lighting through the use of puck lights or linear light bars.

It’s a very inconspicuous way to place the lights to provide additional lighting to complement your other lighting choices.

Lighting is a fundamental element to set the mood in a kitchen. The typical lighting fixture together with the type of lighting can culminate to create a decorative pop to your restaurant’s kitchen as discussed above. Set the stage for your best-served meals today with the help of these lighting fixtures from LBC Lighting.

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