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Create candlelight ambiance through LED dimming

Create candlelight ambiance through LED dimming

Unlike incandescent dimming, most LED dimming does not change in color as power decreases. In fact, the color remains close to the original Kelvin temperature. This is called white light dimming. White light dimming also occurs with fluorescent lights, and has become widely accepted in most applications primarily because there were no other energy efficient solutions that warmed light color as it dimmed–until now!

Nora Lighting teamed up with Cree to provide Comfort Dim–a new LED energy efficient solution which allows gradual dimming and even color tuning from a bright 2700K to a comfortable, candlelight ambient, 1800K. Available on the NSPEC Sapphire Series and the Marquise Series, the recessed lights are perfect for restaurants, movie and home theaters, multi-purpose event venues, and other spaces that require warm, intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

Comfort Dim is available in 4 different lumen levels:

850 & 1250 Lumens – for lower ceiling heights in commercial and residential applications (Sapphire & Marquise Series)

2000 Lumens – for commercial and residential high ceiling applications (Sapphire & Marquise Series)

3000 Lumens – for commercial applications (Sapphire Series)

LBC Lighting currently carries the Marquise Series in Comfort Dim. If you would like to purchase the Sapphire Series, or have any questions regarding Comfort Dim, please contact us at or call 626-279-2658.

Marquise Series

LED Retrofit – 11W – 850 Lumens – Comfort Dim (2700K-1800K)

5″ Reflector Trim

5″ Baffle Trim

6″ Reflector Trim

6″ Baffle Trim

6″ Slope Reflector

6″ Slope Baffle

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