David Trubridge at LBC Lighting

By expanding from their roots in furniture to lighting, the David Trubridge brand has crystallized the core motivations guiding their unique designs. The brand initially gained recognition through its Body Raft chair in 2001. This recognition continued through the brand’s first fixture, the Coral Pendant, released in 2004. Minimalist in both style and environmental impact, the Coral pendant forged the path for future David Trubridge lighting collections. The fixtures continually experiment with shapes and lines to create dynamic patterns of light, while retaining an understated style. As an environmentally conscious brand, materials used for fixtures and shipping aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The wood-centric fixtures are made from sustainably harvested timber, while the Seed System minimizes the amount of packaging material. Choosing to ship each fixture unassembled, with each “seed” flat packed, utilizes 1/40th of the amount of packaging normally used for an assembled fixture. In achieving a balance between environmental consciousness and innovative craftsmanship, David Trubridge sets the standard for current and future lighting brands.


The Coral Pendant

As the entry into lighting, the David Trubridge Coral pendant established the stylistic influences of the brand. Inspired by coral reefs, sophisticated simplicity is at the core of the Coral pendant. Made of a single component – a geometric polyhedron – repeated 60 times, it remains visually striking in its design. Understated in style as well as material – bamboo plywood – it has the versatility to fit in any number of spaces. Beyond style, the Coral pendant created the blueprint for the environmentally-conscious kit set products that would follow.

The Kōura pendant

Similarly inspired by nature, the Kōura pendant follows the minimalist style of the Coral pendant. Its elongated teardrop shape mimics both the curled shape of the kōura, a freshwater shrimp nature to New Zealand, and the woven baskets used to catch them. The repeated geometric shapes of the fixture create attractive patterns of light which catch the eye. Available in a variety of finishes on bamboo plywood, the Kōura pendant can add a pop of understated style to any room.


The Belle pendant

The Belle pendant expands on the previous pendants’ creative use of form to showcase the innovation central to the David Trubridge brand. In design, the pendant continues in the brand’s inventive approach to creating lighting effects. With overlapping sections of bamboo plywood, the Belle pendant provides a focused down light as well as subtle waves of light. Its design creates a lightly patterned glow of light, rather than the dynamic lighting effects of the previous fixtures. The delicate woodwork of the fixture contrasts with the airy, open space of the Coral and Kōura pendants. As a minimalist, yet striking fixture, the Belle pendant would add a touch of architectural sophistication to any space.

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