Deco Lighting at LBC Lighting

Within the ranks of lighting manufacturers specializing in LED lighting solutions, Deco Lighting has consistently expanded the range of innovative lighting options. Three core values guide their lighting innovations: quality, energy-efficiency, and environmental consciousness. The excellent quality of their products has shined in their lighting projects with various companies and venues. Providing increased quantities of their best-sellers, Deco Lighting is prepared to help customers meet their lighting needs immediately. The products below showcase Deco Lighting’s approach to LED technology, as it results in versatile, high-performance fixtures. Deco Lighting is now available at LBC Lighting. Click Here to view Deco Lighting selections.


Ronde Direct

The Ronde Direct  luminaire balances Deco Lighting’s unique style and dedication to creating quality fixtures. The range of options for both form and mounting make the Ronde highly versatile. Available in 14” to 60” diameters, which can be surface or pendant mounted, it can be adapted to fit various settings. Across all options, the Ronde provides excellent lighting with over 80 CRI, color temperatures from 3000K to 5000K and up to 240W with 22800 lumens!  In style, the fixture is similarly versatile. With its minimalist, sleek design, the Ronde can add a touch of modern style to office, commercial and retail spaces alike.


SFP-LED Flat Panel

The SFP-LED flat panel by Deco Lighting highlights the core values driving their approach to lighting. Flat panels are an effective way to provide ceiling light, and the SFP-LED uses LED technology to add to their utility. It ensures crisp illumination for over 100,000 hours through its CRI of 85 and available color temperatures starting at 3500K. This extended lifetime, paired with its understated design, makes it a good fit for office, retail, and commercial settings. With a range of configurations for installation in conventional grid ceilings, the SFP-LED guarantees excellent performance for the long-term.


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