Do Outdoor LED Fixtures Provide Enough Light?

Yes, they will.

Now you might be thinking about that little led light on your cell phone or the led flashlight you have at home which is hardly illuminating and scoff. However, lighting fixtures specifically made for outdoors use such as flood lights, step lights, landscape lighting and security lights can provide more than enough brightness to the exterior of your home or business. What you have to look for are the lumens.

Lumens, unlike watts, measure the amount of light emitted by any light source. Watts just measure the amount of power that light uses. LEDs will always use fewer watts than other lights, but they’ll produce the same amount of light.

Outdoor led fixtures save energy compared to the metal halide and fluorescent fixtures out on the market. LEDs are designed to last longer while increasing the amount of light output and reducing the amount of energy used to power them.

So, when you’re shopping for new outdoor lights don’t give up and take a look at the lighting facts on the label.

Advantages of LED Lighting

– Energy Efficiency: saving up to 90% of the energy used by standard bulbs

– Long life span

– Immediate illumination

– Small size and extensive color options

– Low maintenance

– Eco-Friendly: no mercury, less heat, No UV

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