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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Are you tired of your drab looking exterior space and want to liven up your property? Outdoor lighting can enhance the beauty of your home while providing safety and security. Outdoor lighting also allows you to take advantage of your space after dark and can provide “curb appeal”. Here are a few suggestions on how to brighten up your outdoor space.

A well lit front entrance allows you to make a statement. Wall lanterns can be placed on either side of the door entrance which provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Rear entrance ways can often be illuminated by using either a single wall lantern or a chain-hung fixture. Under a porch or other overhang, you can use recessed, chain-hung or close-to-ceiling fixtures.

Outside the garage, a lantern mounted on each side or a single fixture above can provide lighting for safety and security. Consider installing a motion sensor on these fixtures or a photocell that turns the lights on at dusk and off at dawn to save energy. For added security, illuminate any side of the house that would otherwise be in shadow. Spotlights installed on your eaves will accomplish this, or, for a more dramatic look, consider ground lights pointed up to graze your walls.

Steps, paths, and driveways should be illuminated to make sure family members and guests are able to move about easily and safely after dark. You can install path lights or post lanterns or attach lights to the side of the house.

Path lights will brighten your walkway while highlighting nearby flower beds, shrubs and ground cover. Path lights can also be used to highlight the driveway for a safer environment.

What are some ways that you have used lighting to enhance your outdoor space? We would leave to hear your ideas and suggestions so please leave a comment below.  Meanwhile, you can view our full selection of outdoor lighting here.

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